About Me

Welcome!!  Thanks for being here.  I am Julie a.k.a. The Ninja Oiler.  I am a wellness warrior – always trying to protect my family and those I love from the unhealthy habits that plague our nation.  I have the most incredible family because for the most part they humor me and try to make healthy choices.  Then again all my kids are 15 and under and can’t drive to get their own food so I guess they don’t really have a choice!  I have the most adorable husband who also puts up with my obsession with wellness.  I have five kids that range from 7 years old to 15 years old.  Four boys and one girl.  Boy, do they eat a lot.

My journey started 6 years ago when I was at a Bible study and a friend leaned over and asked if I would like to come to a HEALING dinner where her friend gave a health talk and then served a whole-food, plant-based meal for 50 people.  I had just had my 5th baby and I knew that I needed to ditch the SAD (Standard American Diet) and begin making healthy choices for my kids.  I went to the the dinner and the first talk was on dairy and how it effects on the body.  This was divine intervention because for the last 14 months my  4-year-old was constipated and went every 10 days.  We had brought him to the doctor and no one even mentioned diet.  When I heard what dairy can do to someone’s digestive system I went home that night and cold turkey took my family off dairy.  Within two weeks my 4-year-old was regular.  Praise God!  He was toxic for 14 months straight and I didn’t have a clue it was his diet.  This lit a fire in me and I cannot smother.  I want to help others discover what it is like to feel AWESOME every single day.  To be well EVERY, SINGLE DAY.  It does take discipline and consistency.  It’s not easy, but I do it because the pay off is so incredible.  It’s worth every sacrifice and every battle with my kids over why they can’t eat the junk.  I pray that you have the courage to make some hard decisions about your lifestyle.  Essential Oils can definitely make those choices easier and more pleasant!!!